If you are a seasoned seeker of undiscovered or you just discovered the adventurer in you, mount your bike, jump into the kayak, raise the sail and discover with us the secrets of unspoiled nature and historical heritage of the Dubrovnik area and southern islands of the Adriatic Sea.

Medieval Dubrovnik the best place to start your adventure

Protected by mountains on north, endless sea and numerous islands on south, with perfect Mediterranean climate which means long and warm sunny days... Sounds like an adventurer’s dream – and that's Dubrovnik. City famous for its rich history dating back to 7th century, a cultural center of Croatia. Untouched nature, diverse animal world, beautiful sunsets – find your own way.
Get to know the area by hiking the Srdj mountain which rises above Dubrovnik and then continue exploring the island trails hopping from island to island.
Our kayak trips offer the option of exploring the area really up-close. Rugged coastline is rich with caves, cliffs, reefs, secluded bays and beaches – most of which can only be approached by sea.
Prefer the life on two wheels? Do not worry, Dubrovnik offers routes both for beginners as well for die-hard off-road mountain bikers. We'll help you to transport your „best friend“ as you do not want to miss exploring the island routes – sun, sea air, healthy food – everything to fuel you up.
Or indulge in sailing – you can choose a relaxing sailing or get involved and learn a new skill. Croatia has more than 1000 islands, with ones in Dubrovnik area being one of the most popular.
As on our every trip, you dictate the level of the activity – you can combine multi-sport with sailing, just kayaking, just hiking, or try a little of everything.
Imagine, we dare you - find your own private piece of paradise.